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4 Ways Social Media Can Undermine Girls and Women

Teenage girls and adult women are often emotionally bruised when social media becomes thei read more...

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Dysphagia: dysphagia is a distressing symptom, which can have far-reaching effects on a patient's life.

Dysphagia is the general term for disordered swallowing. The

inability to swallow safely will have an impact on the ability to

maintain both hydration and nutrition at an adequate level.

Additionally, not being able to meet an

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Marriage Counseling: 7 Signs You Might Need Professional Help

By Jenny Tiegs

This article originally appeared on GalTime.com

There's no question -- marriage can be challenging. Maybe marriage counseling should be something you register for when you tie the knot. Much like a new set of dishes t read more...

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Marriage and Relationship Therapists and counsellors